This week we discuss which superstars are in most need of a makeover. Also, we discuss some of the best makeovers from the past. 


This week's topic is best wrestlers that have never won the World Title. 

Also discussed:

*Strowman injury

*Forbes list of highest paid wrestlers

*Trash Facebook pages impact or lack there of on independent wrestling 


This week Mike, Pat, and Erik are back in the brand new Fifty9 Media Studio and discuss the upcoming Vince McMahon biopic. 


Rob & Mike discuss the fall out of Wrestlemania Week, WITHOUT AN AGENDA!!


This Week Erik & Mike talk to independent superstar "Pure Talent" Chris Escobar!


Top Rope Promotions 3/24/17 - Teddy Goody vs Chris Escobar - Fall River, MA - PAL Hall


We have Top Rope Rope Promotions Champion Ted Goodz in for a follow up interview. 


This week the boys are back with an attitude. They discuss the recent Fastlane PPV, RAW and Smackdown Live Reviews, what's happening around the WWE Universe and much more! 


This week Erik, Mike, & Pat discuss the following...


1) The Follow Up - Elimination Chamber

2) In the News (Teddy Long, McMahons visit WH, Lesnar retires from MMA, Andre Doc)

3) Raw & SD - Hit & Miss

4) Top 5 for 2017 (So Far) - WWE, Tag Teams, NXT

5) Beyond the Universe - Donovan Dijak, Super Card of Honor, NJPW 45th Anniversary Show

6) Today in Wrestling History - "Big Gold"


This week Erik, Mike, & Pat (Rusty) discuss the following

1) In the News - Pats Win!!!, R&R Express in the HOF, Seth Rollins Injury Update

2) Raw & SD Hits & Misses

3) WrestleMania 33 Match Card Predictions 

4) Pat Eats a Carolina Pepper

5) Today in Wrestling (Pedro Moraldes win WWWF Title, Macho Man wins IC Title)

6) The Count Out - Elimination Chamber PPV Preview & Predictions 


Next Week, Beyond the Universe returns with our Top 5 Rankings for January & February in Ring of Honor & New Japan Pro Wrestling


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This week Erik & Mike discuss the following...


1) The Follow Up - NXT Takeover & Royal Rumble Reaction

2) In the News - Seth Rollins Injury/Samoa Joe Debuts

3) Beyond the Universe - TK O'Ryan & The Closers have a falling out/ Lucha Underground to Netflix

4) Raw & SD Live - Hits & Misses

5) Today in Wrestling History - February 1

6) The Count Out - Main event for WrestleMania


Next Week... WrestleMania Card Prediction from the Hurricanrana Panel


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This week Erik, Mike, & Pat discuss the following...


* RAW & Smackdown Hits & Misses

*  Beyond the Universe - Kingpin Milonas in ROH Top Prospect Tournament

* NXT Takeover Preview & Predictions

* This Day in Rumble History

* Royal Rumble Preview & Predictions

* The Count Out (Who will win the Rumble Match)


This week Mike, Rob, Pat, & Brian discuss the following...


* In the News

* Raw & SD Hits and Misses

* Beyond the Universe (Kenny Omega)

*  WWE New Year's Resolutions

* The Count Out - Breakout Star




Mike, Pat, & Dan Esdale (Sully Moran) join together for a very special 2 hour edition of the Hurricanrana Podcast for the First Annual Rana Awards


Awards include...

* Wrestler of the Year

* Tag Team of the Year

* Match of the Year

* Match of the Year

* and Many More!!!


This week Erik is back, after not missing an episode, along with Mike to discuss the following....


* UK Title Tournament

* Pru Rant - Wrestlers not wanting to be in the WWE

* Discussion of the supposed leaked WrestleMania XXXIII Card




This week Erik & Mike are joined by return guest Swaggs to discuss the following...


* Erik makes a big announcement

* In the News BS Session (New Day breaks record, The Kingdom, Mayor Booker T, John Cena on SNL,)

* We take the WWE Newwork Survey


This week Rob and Mike return to the show to join Erik and discuss the womens revolution, over saturation of wrestling, and meaningless titles. 


We are joined in studio by our friend John Wood to discuss the happenings in proffesional wrestling over the weekend. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! 


This week Mike & Pat preview and make predictions for NXT Takeover Toronto & Survivor Series


This week JV makes his triumphant return to the show to discuss his disgust with the current state of the WWE... And we didn't disagree with him. 


We are joined in studio by Nico Silva, Jason Daniels, and Mike Russell to discuss their careers (so far) in the wrestling business, their training, and future in wrestling. 


This week Erik is joined by substitute co-hosts Dan "The Ram" and Jeff Swags to discuss WWE HOFer Donald Trumps Presidential win. 


This week Erik, Rob, and Mike discuss the Top Rope Promotions show we went to over the weekend. 


Erik, Mike, & Rob discuss the following...

In the News
* Women's HIAC Match
* Paige drama continues
* Goldberg returns to WWE

We take a look at the role of "Jobbers" (Enhancement Talent) over the years in professional wrestling

Also, buy tickets to Top Rope Promotions featuring the Hardy Boyz this Friday, October 21, 2016 at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA

Tickets are sold at Scottie's Pub in Fall River, MA

This week Erik, Mike, and Rob discuss the following topics
*Possibility of the WWE Network acquiring ROH and TNA programming

*WWE 2K17
*Golberg returns
*The legend of James Ellsworth
*The downfall of Paige
*and the Women's revolution 

This week Erik, Mike, & Rob are joined by return guest Dan "The Ram" Esdale to discuss the following

* The Kingdom Comes to ROH
* TNA 
* Goldberg vs Lesnar
* ADR & Noble Stabbings
* Tag Team Classic on NXT

Topic of the Week: Retirement Matches
* Overview of the match type
* Classic Match Discussion - Savage vs Warrior, Flair vs HBK, Taker vs HBK
* Ziggler vs Miz at No Mercy

The Count Out - No Mercy Predictions

This week Erik, Mike, Rob, & Mr X (Brian) discuss the following topics..

* Indies
* TNA Payout 
* Ryback & MMA
* TJ Perkins & Cruiserweight 
* The Count Out 
* WS

This week Erik, Mike, & Rob are joined by Phoenix Marketing's Jeffrey Swags to discuss the following...

* TNA Buy Out
* Cody Rhodes on TNA
* Paige & Eva Marie cleared to return
* CWC Fallout
* Clash of Champions Preview & Predictions
* The Count Out
* Wrestling Shirt Wednesday

This week Erik, Mike, & JV discuss the following topics

* In the News - Paige, Vince Injury, Ryback name change
* CM Punk - Match, Result, where does he go from here, payday
* New Champions in WWe - AJ Styles, Heath & Rhyno, & Becky Lynch
* Backlash Talk
* Miz Main Event
* CWC Predictions
* The Count Out - Topics
* What are you wearing?

This week Erik and Rob are joined by Hurricanrana newcomer John Wood to discuss the following topics

* The PWI Top 500 list
* Reigns #1?
* Which of our local favorites made the list? 
* Who was snubbed? (Total hometown bias alert)
* Who is next years #1?
* Del Rio done with WWE
* Paige to follow?
* Cody "Runnels" to TNA/ROH
* Scott Hall in trouble again
* #WSW What are you wearing? 


This week Erik, Rob, & Mike  discuss the following topics

* Erik's Color Commentary experience this past weekend
* Universal Championship Match from Raw
* Kevin Owens & Triple H
* Triple H & Stephanie Feud
* NXT Takeover Raw?
* Rise of the Indys
* The Miz & The IC Title
* Highlights from Raw & Smackdown
* The Count Out ( Raw v Smackdown, Who can bring prestige to the IC title, Which Indy could be the next KO or Rollins in 5 years?)
* What are you wearing #WSW
* Closing Remarks -Hurricanrana Fantasy football

Erik, Mike, & Rob discuss the following...

* Miz shoots? on Daniel Bryan
*Summer Slam Main Event - Brock vs Orton
* Work or Shoot to end Raw
* Finn Balor Injury and dropping the Universal Title
* Wreckless Wrestling?
* Summer Slam reaction
* NXT Takeover II Reaction
* New Titles on Smackdown
*Dudley Boyz Retirement?
* Bayley debuts 
* The Count Out (Match of the Weekend, Bray/Orton Feud, Raw v Smackdown, Smackdown Women's Title Prediction)
* Wrestling Shirt Wednesday - What are you wearing?

Friday, August 26th - Top Rope Promotions Summer Showdown - Brockton, MA - Campanelli Stadium
* TLC Match for TRP Title - Devil's Reject vs. Teddy Goodz
* Vader, Kevin Nash, Tommy Dreamer, Gangrel, Spike Dudley


This week Erik, Mike, & Rob discuss the following topics

* Wellness Policy - Del Rio & Paige
* Stephanie McMahon LGBT talk
* Big Show Retiring
* Shawn Michaels signs with WWE
* Cruiserweight Classic talk
* TNA ( Aron Rex, Bobby Lashley, Billy Corgan)
* Demon King Debut
* NXT Takeover II Preview
* Summer Slam Preview & Predictions
* Wrestling Shirt Wednesday
* The Count Out ( Raw vs Smackdown, Takeover or Summer Slam, Match of the Weekend)


This week on the Hurricanrana Podcast we go live on Facebook Live.. Erik, Mike, & Rusty (Pat) discuss the following topics

* Connor McGregor & MMA/WWE
* Dean Ambrose calling out Brock for being lazy on the "Stone Cold" Podcast
* Shelton Benjamin not returning
* Rollins vs Balor
* Ambrose vs. Ziggler (Wyatt involvement)
* Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano/ Crusierweight Classic
* Enzo on the mic with Jericho & Owens
* Braun Strowman Push 
* More Cesaro & Sheamus
* #SinCara trending
* Return of Bully Ray
* American Alpha
* Smackdown not so great
* Wrestling Shirt Wednesday
* The Count Out (Cruiserweight Classic, Raw vs Smackdown)


This week Erik, Mike, Rob, & JV discuss the following:

* Two New Titles on Smackdown Live
* Viperville & Suplex City
* Universal & World Championship Title Matches at Summer Slam
* John Cena & AJ Styles
* Count Out (Rusev/Angle, Heath Slater, Mix Tag Match on Raw)
* Wrestling Shirt Wednesday


This week Mike, Rob, & JV discuss the following topics

* New Era - Raw & Smackdown set design, logos, production, announce booths, live sports feel
* WWE Universal Championship
* Fatal Four Way Matches from Raw
* Finn Balor Debuts
* Six Pack Challenge
* Dolph Ziggler #1 contender
* Randy Orton - killing it on the mic
* Women's Division Talk (Sasha Banks, Bayley, Eva Marie, Carmella, Nia Jax)
* Social Outcasts new roles (Heath Slater, Curtis Axel Mr. Irrelevant)
* Return of Jobber Matches
* The Count Out ( More PPVs, New Day, Shelton Benjamin)
* What are you wearing? - Wrestling Shirt Wednesday


This week Erik, Mike, Rob, & JV discuss the following topics regarding the WWE Draft

* GM's
* Rollins vs Ambrose
* Reactions to the Draft structure and selections, and many disappointments
* Smackdown is still the "B" Show
* Separations fictional and real life (Wyatts, Cass & Carmela, Paige & Del Rio)
* Braun Strowman
* Handsome Nia Jax
* The Count Out - Biggest problem of the draft, who were you most disappointed not to see drafted, if you were the GM which Raw wrestler would you take to improve your show
* Wrestling Shirt Wednesday

* Check out Top Rope Promotions Friday Night in Fairhaven, & Big Time Wrestling at McCoyStadium this Saturday Night!

This week's podcast Erik, Mike, & Rob discuss the following

* The "Big" McMahon Commish announcement 
* Raw & Smackdown General Managers... Yes!?
* Brock Lesnar - UFC 200
* John Cena - ESPY, Live with Kelly & John 
* Rollins Report
* Wyatt/Deletion
* Updated Battleground Card
* Wrestling Shirt Wednesday
* The Count Out - TNA, UFC Sold, The Kingdom on TNA, Vince & Pokemon Go!

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In the News

* Lawler, Cody Rhodes, "Just Bring It"
* Brock Lesnar - UFC 200, Summer Slam
*Cruiserweight Classic
* Battleground Card
* Wyatt/ New Day Feud
* Wrestling Shirt Wednesday #WSW
* The Count Out (with a bell!)

This week we introduce #WSW or #WrestlingShirtWednesday to the world. You will thank us! 


This week we are joined in studio by former Top Rope Promotions Tag Team Champions "Special Forces"! Little Man and Smith tell us about their reign as tag champs, training at the prestigious Lock Up, and go over their goals in professional wrestling. 


This week we discuss WWE's MITB, the new World Champ, Wellness policy violation, Lawlers night in the slammer, and AJs big win over Superman! 


This week Top Rope Promotions returns to Fall River and we have the Devil's Doormen in studio to talk about the card, their expectaions, and why they turned on their good friend Teddy Goodz.


* Money in The Bank Preview

* Cruiser Weight Classic
* TNA Slammiversary with Guy Medeiros
* NXT Takeover Fallout
* The Count Out (Returning wrestlers to draft, legion of doom trademark,favorite finishing move, thanks Frank Alves!)

This week we have independent wrestler Jason Daniels and his trainer and former Hurricanrana guest Nick Steel!! We discuss his training, wrestling style, and where he sees himself in his wrestling career! 


This week we talk with former independent wrestler, and current ring announcer Guy Medeiros. Topics we cover are his path to wrestling, friends made along the way, injuries sustained during his career, and what it was like being an athlete that was openly homosexual.


This week we discuss more brand split, the UFC/WWE exchange, and the late great Muhammad  Ali as we are joined by "Sound Guy Jeff"


In Episode 27 of the Hurricanrana Wrestling podcast we discuss the following topics:

  • John Cena's return
  • PBR T-Shirt discussion
  • Brand Split/Draft discussion
  • Post draft championship picture
  • MSG Event - July 16th, 2016
  • Cody Rhodes
  • "The Count-Out" - (Seth Rollins Promo, Sister Abigail, WWE 2K17)

This week Brian aka "Mr. X" joins us in studio so we can teach him about proffesional wrestling a little bit. If you agree that this kid is an asshole give me a "HELL YEAH"!!! 


This week we briefly discuss Extreme Rules. Then get tired and go home early. But it was still awesome. 


Right before their main event match on May 20th in Fall River at the PAL Hall we have Interstate champion Teddy Goodz AND Heavyweight Champion "H20" Ryan Waters in studio to talk about their title vs title match!! 


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